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Beanbag Filling

If you are looking to buy cheap bean bag filling to refill one or more of your bean bags, then this is the place. After a couple of years, you will probably find that your beanbag doesn't seem as comfortable as it used to be. This is probably because the beans have been compressed. Buy polystyrene beads and bring the comfort back. For your safety, all of our beans are Flame Retardant (FLA).



for a Medium/Large bean bag

Our 10 Ft ³ bag of bean filler is the ideal size to replace compressed beans in old bags or fill a newly purchased medium/large bag. If you have a small one then best go for a 5 cubic foot bag.

Price: £25.00 (all prices incl. VAT)
Delivery: £10.00 (read faq's for delivery information)
5 cubic foot

Looking for a Top Up

then click here for our 5 cubic foot bag priced at £12.98 perfect for breathing life back into an old bag

Wanting to fill a Sofa?

then click here for our 20 cubic foot bag priced at £49.98 ideal for filling a sofa bean bag
20 cubic foot

Looking to Buy Bean Bags?

If you are looking to buy super stylish designer bean bags then visit our other site Funky Bean Bags for a range of funky furniture that is sure to be the centrepiece of expression and decadence in any home, apartment, studio, cafe or reception room
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